Sunday, March 28, 2010

Race and Health Care Reform

Rather than weight in on the health care bill with a hearty eye-roll at the Tea Party movement, I point to Frank Rich's New York Times Op-Ed. He suggests that the conservative outrage over the bill stems from underlying racism.

I can't help but think he's right. If congressman Emanuel Cleaver were white, I don't think that protester would have spit on him.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Can This Pickle Survive Chad Kroeger?

What does it take to get me to post something new?

Nickelback threatening to take down the Facebook fan page Can this pickle get more fans than Nickleback?

While internet copyright law is vague (it always take the law a little while to catch up to technology), I'm pretty sure the band cannot get the page taken down by threat of legal action. Now they might (with all their corporate dollars) be able to get Facebook to take it down. I think someone from Slate or some other slightly edgy internet news/opinion publication needs to do a story on this. Or maybe some blogger already has and I'm not savvy enough to know about it.

I think Nickelback's attempt to get the page taken down will only solidify their reputation for making bad music for pricks.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Liz Lemon's Boyfriends Never Last Long

And neither do mine.

Last night, a friend of mine said that, in opposition to the stereotypes, librarians tend to be good-looking. This should work to my favor, except for that whole 3:1 gender ratio...