Friday, April 11, 2008

Realizations of Significance

I have made some significant realizations in the last week that are the results of sub-concious shifts in thinking, new paradigms if you will. They may seem trivial and superficial, but I assure you, dear readers, they point to larger issues in my life.

  1. Houston is not a bad city, and it is much easier to drive there than I thought.
  2. Berry's Alumni magazine is clearly focused on a demographic of conservative, conventional Atlanta yuppies.
  3. I do not like American Apparel's clothes.

Now to explain the significance of these realizations:
  1. While I have no desire to live in Houston and feel much more at home in Austin, driving there is surprisingly easy. Perhaps this is because I'm more comfortable as an urban driver. After successfully tackling two drives through Houston, I now have a change in my mental outlook on driving in general, bringing a better sense of well-being to my life. I.e, very significant.

  2. My alma mater wants money, and as much as I love Berry College, I don't give a shit about the Cage Center. I didn't when I went there, and I certainly don't now. That magazine is not meant to tell us alumni about what our fellow alumni are up to. No, no. It has that appearance, but it is all attempt to get us to give money. And who's the most likely of Berry graduates to give money? Conventional, conservative Atlanta yuppies. Significant? You bet. My school only sees me as a dollar sign. I will say, however, the cover story about the doctor in New Orleans was interesting.

  3. I'm sick of hipsters and their clothes. American Apparel clothing is boring, overpriced, and overrated, and I don't understand why hipsters who work in coffee shops would spend what little money they have on those clothes. Granted I can applaud the use of fair labor. That's great. Wonderful. But what about the moral inconsistencies regarding the CEO? Sexual harassment, anyone? I don't think I can justify $25 on a t-shirt, especially when the head of the company is asshole. If only there were more fair trade clothing options that were stylish...
For more on the American Apparel controversy and lawsuits, check out for a full report.


Sarah said...

I say "Amen" to the second two points on your list of thoughts. I can't Amen the first because I have never driven to Houston.

Heather said...

true dat gina, true dat. have you tried alternative apparel?

Autumn said...

Argh! The Berry Magazine is such crap! I tell you what, that school is making a shift from the inside out. I could tell--it was going on while I was working there. All this talk about "aspirant" institutions and switching to a bigger sports division and becoming more academically competitive...

Bah. Rubbish. That's a far cry from where Berry started.

I don't know American Apparel. Nor do have I driven in Houston. But I'm glad you've found some inner peace re: driving. That really is significant.