Monday, October 6, 2008

Sometimes Christians Scare Me

I nearly collapsed this morning when I read this NPR story about Falwell, Jr. canceling classes at Liberty on election day to encourage his 80% Republican student body to vote.

Then I read a terrible review of the "Christian" movie Fireproof in The Onion, and I was near to renouncing my faith.

But thankfully, I read Heather's latest blog post: When Heather P Sparks...: Hokey Christian Emails...Evangelicals are Strange

And then I found this bumper sticker mentioned in one of the user-comments on the NPR story:


Heather P said...

woo hoo! at least someone is reading my blog ;)

Heather P said...

glad to be of service :)

Heather P said...

check this out:
It'll take you to a site where you can see what major corporations are making organic foods you buy. (i.e. Pepsi makes "Naked")