Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Texas Will Secede and Then We'll All Die of Swine Flu

Texas has been in the news a lot lately.

First, our brilliant governor Rick Perry made a joke (or was it more serious? I think so) about Texas seceding from the nation at large because of Obama's stimulus plan.

Despite all the bad sports references, David Faris properly assessed the situation in his op-ed piece Don't Mess With Texas--Get Rid of It. In the event that Texas does seceed and Austin stayed with the larger liberal U.S., I think I'd have to move (as much as I wouldn't want to). Options would be: Portland, Madison, San Francisco, Asheville, New York, possibly Decatur/East Atlanta.

Then there's swine flu. Good grief. I live approximately 80 miles from San Antonio, the location of Texas's 6 cases of swine flu. I'm not about to start wearing a mask, and I think this is just another example of media hooplah. But let's not forget that I'm uninsured and tend to be a conspiracy theorist.

So maybe Texas should seceed and quarantine all cases of swine flu. In which case, I'll hop on the next flight to Portland.

[If you think I'm kidding, read this: Texas Secede!]


HeatherPJ said...

Everyone at my school is up in arms about it. A preschool down the street as closed down because a four year old showed up with swine flu. The AISD told the parents in an email I received to keep those children from that school home and send their other children to school. Stupid right? The get their money from enrollment though, so go figure. Maybe the swine flu will help everyone forget about Rick Perry for a while...until he runs for president.

HeatherPJ said...


"Now, we have something called the “Swine Flu”, although there exists much controversy and debate over the name (in Thailand they call it the “Mexican Flu” and Israeli health officials have proposed adopting the same terminology, as the idea of using the word “swine” in a sentence makes some religious Jews uneasy), the general consensus is that this particular strain (H1N1 as it has been classified) is undoubtedly hazardous and may even be the real thing, as far as flu pandemics go."

Jennifer said...

Ha! This is really funny, Gina. If you move to Atlanta, give me a call.