Monday, September 29, 2008


I would like to take a poll. Answer yes or no to the following two questions:

1) If you were staying at a stranger's house (friend of a friend or couch surfer) and were relegated to the living room couch, would you have sex on it while your hosts were not at home?

2) If you opened up your home to someone you didn't know but still trusted, would you be disturbed by your guest using your common living area for sexual activity?

We hosted two couch surfers for ACL. I thought they would be avid music fans, seeing as they traveled from California and New York for the festival. Not so much. We hardly saw them because we'd go to the festival early (when I say early, I mean like 1 p.m.) and they were usually still asleep. But whatever.

Then, poor Dave. He was not thrilled about the couch surfers in the first place. On Friday afternoon, while Hannah and I were at the festival, he came home around 4:30 and walked in on them in little to no clothing. He went straight into the kitchen, regained his composure, and went back to the living room. They were semi-clothed by this point and he said, "Welcome to our home."

I honestly didn't care if they have sex while they were here. I just didn't want them doing it on my couch. Is this a normal reaction? Or am I being too prudish? I think it's simply a matter of decency to expect a guest not to have sex on the host's living room couch. Right?


Otherwise, ACL was incredible. I saw almost everyone I wanted to see. The best performances were Vampire Weekend, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Jenny Lewis, Mates of State, Connor Oberst, Gnarls Barkley, Stars, Patty Griffin, Neko Case, and Band of Horses. Okay, that's almost everyone I saw. If you want details, just ask me.


Foodinese Queen said...


Joyf said...

totally agree with fq. in fact had a similar situation recently at a friend's house i was staying at - another friend was there and used somebody's bed (who was absent that night) to do the dirty - way creepy for friend to whom it belonged. i don't think any of us thought much of it at the time, since they're close, but hey, it was a bed. and even though this was just your couch, these people were strangers ..

very very weird. ha. flame them on couchsurfing - make sure they never pull the same grossness again on some unsuspecting person.

glenlam said...

1. Couch is kinda risky, although that's what gets some people off. Maybe it's because I can afford it, but I usually like to retreat to fancy hotels.
2. I wouldn't put it past anybody to have a go on my couch, especially if it was 2 people of the same sexual persuasion.

Heather P said...

1. i would not, though i can see the sexy risky excitement aspect.

2. i would not probably do the couch surfing thing again due to scarring of walking in on someone half naked. however, my friend lets someone house sit for her to take care of her cat and its bound to happen, we both acknowledged it would and on our trip received phone calls from others friends that her house had become the love shack.

if you let someone into your house alone to stay, that is seeing someone, they are going to have sex in your bed...or on your couch...or under the kitchen new sheets, a plastic cover, and a mop.