Friday, September 5, 2008

The Pitbull in Lipstick...

I'm honestly conflicted about Sarah Palin.

She's the picture of Republican feminism - a pretty soccer mom who won't compromise her stance. She says she can keep up with men, taking down the media and community organizers on her way.

I won't dare call her a bitch. She has to be a bitch (a pitbull, perhaps?) and I applaud her for that. But I couldn't sit through all the biting partisan rhetoric in her speech two nights ago. Is it worse because it's coming from a woman?

Maybe what's the worst is the way she uses her family. They're all-American and patriotic and just like you and me. She says the media should leave her family alone, but only because her 17 year old daughter is pregnant. But when her family is the sparkling picture of Americana - the baby she kept because his life was precious, her oldest son's military service - then they're worth bragging on.

You know what? It's all political. She's a woman in politics, and she's using everything she can to make people think they should vote GOP in November. And let's face it, the McCain campaign needed a woman who wasn't a Barbie.

Now, I just hope they'll go easier on Michelle Obama.


Joyf said...

I quite agree. In fact I'm beyond conflicted - the way conservatives are swallowing her shtick whole makes me very worried. AND she wanted to ban books from the local library when she was mayor and almost fired some innocent librarian over it - vicious! Anyway, you should read this:,8599,1837918,00.html

Hope you're doing well my dear!

Heather P said...

no, they won't go easier on michelle. she's the bitch now that hilary's gone.