Friday, November 21, 2008

A Good Jew Candidate?

Anslee made the following list about me and put it on my Facebook wall. While most of my readers are "friends" with Anslee and me and probably got this on their mini-feeds, a few aren't. And it just made me laugh, so I thought I'd post it here so I'd have (because blogs live long enough for posterity...)

  • a writer/editor.
  • a fine supporter of obama.
  • an educator of recycling/composting/doing good environmental stuff.
  • a friend.
  • a daughter/sister/granddaughter/etc.
  • not a mom.
  • a good jew candidate.
  • not a dinosaur.
  • a hanger of art.
  • a driver of a toyota (i think?).
  • a knowledgeable person of free food.
  • my facebook wifey (hehe).
  • a ball of rage, sometimes, but within reason.
  • worthy of good things.
  • a great drunk dialer.
  • a hard worker, but sometimes lazy (and i love you for it).
  • tons more things than this list can provide, but definitely someone i cannot live without, even if most of these things were not true.

1 comment:

SavannahRed said...

i definitely enjoyed your tags here.
and i enjoy you. ;)