Monday, November 3, 2008

Slacker rising?

Who are these young people who don't vote?

Are they perennial slackers living in their mothers' basements?

Are they college students away from home who forget to fill out their absentee ballots?

Are they yuppies who just don't find time to get the polls?

It's not the hipsters. As much as I bash them (yet identify with them), I will give them due credit - they've been active this election season. Apathy still reigns in most respects, but somewhere between the emails claiming Obama's a Muslim and "Drill, Baby, Drill" they've started caring.

That said, I have a lot of friends back in Georgia who are in their 20s and love McCain. Probably because they're pro-life and think it's God's will that we're in Iraq. But at least they vote. At least they care. At least they go to the polls.

So yeah, who are these young people who don't vote?

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