Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Harold Sightings

I always say Austin is a big city that feels like small town, as long as you stay centrally in the city and run in certain circles. For indie-concert-going hipsters, that circle is rather small (in comparison to the general population of the city).

Seeing as I go to a lot of shows, I see the same people--complete strangers or vague acquaintances--over and over again. Such is the case with Harold.

But Harold is not your average hipster. Oh no. First of all, his name probably isn't Harold. I've never actually met him, so I have no idea what his name is. My friends Gloria and Charlene named him that after spotting him at several shows. They decided the name Harold suited him best.

He's unusual in that he's probably in his late 30s, possibly early 40s. He's Asian, wears chunky glasses and has a little goatee. I often see him wearing a vintage Carpenters t-shirt, although in the less-hot months, he wears a white denim jacket. He also tends to drink Lone Star but is never visibly drunk.

He's almost always alone, but I have noticed him talking to people. In fact, when I saw Neko Case back in March, I spotted him in a group. He stood in the same spot and talked to a couple of white guys before Neko took the stage. He has rather girly taste in music. I saw him at Lykke Li's free show at Waterloo Records and most recently at a Jenny Lewis show. That said, I also saw him during SXSW at a free show in Waterloo Park that featured a lot of punk bands. It was even more strange to spot him at the recent Black Moth Super Rainbow concert. BMSR is not quite in the same category as Jenny Lewis...

In writing this, I've also realized I've observed way too much about this guy, but at least I admit it. Plus, Gloria did most of the groundwork of observation. We've discussed introducing ourselves and finding out his story (and real name). But I like the mystery. It's better knowing him simply as Harold. Half the fun of going to shows is looking for him.


Foodinese Queen said...

You guys are freakin' hilarious.

SavannahRed said...

Harold is my new Leslie.
Remember that.

But don't worry, as much as I love meeting my Austin celebrities, I won't meet this one. I'll keep the mystery with you. I will. Well, unless I'm forced to, but even then, I will probably make it so awkward (remember: Donald Miller and my Jazzy Chair) that he wouldn't want to be near me anyway, thus preserving our strictly voyeuristic relationship.

I said the v-word. I hope it didn't turn this all dirty-like.

The Lazy Editor said...

Wouldn't it be great if Harold became something of an Austin celebrity/legend, his description passed around by concert-goers? Although eventually, the mystery would come to light and he'd reveal his true identity. Ah well. He can just be our "celebrity".

And voyeurism doesn't necessarily have to be dirty. Not in this case, anyway.