Monday, June 29, 2009

By This Logic, I'm Desirable

I've blogged about other blogs, and one of my favorites is Stuff White People Like (although posts are becoming more and more infrequent due to the blogger's incessant book touring...)

But read this paragraph from the latest post on Vespa Scooters:
As it stands, every single white person on earth either owns, has owned, or is dreaming about owning a Vespa Scooter. And why not? They are Italian, feature vintage design, low emissions, make the rider look more sophisticated, and they carry a little bit of risk. In fact, were it to have a liberal arts degree and a steady income, a Vespa scooter would possesses every important quality that a white person looks for in a spouse.

Look at that list of important qualities:
  • Italian
  • vintage design
  • low emissions
  • sophisticated
  • little bit of risk
  • liberal arts degree
  • steady income

Sound familiar? Reminiscent of any vintage-clothes-wearing-hipster-in-denial-self-proclaimed-lazy-editor you know?

Yep, I posses a chunk of those "important qualities a white person looks for in a spouse." I'm working on the low emissions and steady income. Sophisticated is probably not applicable (you should've seen me this weekend at kareoke...) I'm also not sure how risky I am. I'm pretty stable and don't like to drive at high speeds. But I've got the rest covered. Why then am I still single???

Oh wait. These are qualities attributed to a scooter.

[As for other entertaining blogs, Anslee sent me a link to this one: Look at this fucking hipster.]

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