Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bananarchy and Chaos In the Blogospshere!

I occasionally write food feature stories for The Onion/Austin Decider website. I've had a lot of fun with it, met some inspiring Austinites, stirred up some controversy, and now I've helped get a local food cart get some national buzz. My recent story on Bananarchy has been re-blogged. Several times.


Entertainment Weekly

Comedy Central

And I know. The chocolate banana in the photo looks like a penis. Enough already.

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Autumn said...

Holy crap, that is HILARIOUS! Bananarchy! The GOB! I love it! They just need to hire T-Bone and they're all set.

Your articles are great--really excellent, fun to read, breezy but informative. Hope you're doing well! Make sure to eat a GOB for me this summer :)

P.S. It's just the unfortunate chocolately dribblings on the banana, you know? It makes it look, er....veiny.