Sunday, June 3, 2012

Not So Lazy in the Kitchen

Food would be the one thing that would get me to revive this sucker.

My latest hobby is cooking with seasonal, locally grown fruits and veggies. I've had a few Facebook and Twitter updates featuring some mighty tasty dinners, and those have all garnered some interest. I figured I needed to do more than social media, but there's a thousand cooking blogs out there. I know I won't have the next Smitten Kitchen.

Bu for the few friends who are interested, I thought this might be the best place to give some updates. As soon as I have the library job of my dreams, this little experiment in eating locally will probably go the wayside of my many other blogging endeavors. In the mean time, here is a crappy phone photo of the dinner that started it all:

I call them "Breakfast Tomatoes," and these were almost entirely local to Central Texas, with kale and eggs from neighbors and goat feta from Pure Luck Dairy in Dripping Springs, Texas. The tomatoes most likely came from a hothouse in West Texas. Recipe courtesy of NPR's Kitchen Window.

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