Sunday, June 10, 2012

Love and Kindness from Start to Finish, part 2

Friday night's dinner offered more than salad. I started the evening making a huge batch of marinara sauce, according to my Italian grandma's recipe. This sauce is best in the summer when I can make it with fresh, seasonal tomatoes and herbs. This time, I didn't have enough tomatoes for an entire pot of sauce, so I used canned sauce. But the fresh basil and oregano from Karen's garden gave it a fragrant twist. Here's a shot of the herbs:

Unfortunately, big pots of sauce aren't very photogenic. But ask any good Italian, and s/he will tell you it's the most beautiful site in the world. Such is how I feel about this photo:
Rosalie had a spaghetti squash that we decided to bake and eat with the sauce. I'm not sure how long she had it... Those kinds of squashes have long shelf lives, right? Anyway, it tasted delicious with the red sauce paired excellently with the salad. Here is the final product:

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