Monday, June 25, 2012

What Happens When I am Lazy in the Kitchen

Most of the time, I plan my meals ahead and create my shopping lists based on recipes. As I've been receiving all this great garden produce, I've been planning my meals around those local ingredients. But on occasion, life will catch up to me. I'll realize I have extra garden food and no more meals planned and I'm just too lazy to go back to the grocery store. That's when something like this happens:

I've been calling it "zucchini hash", and truthfully, it was only so-so. Definitely not my best meal. I grated one of Jessica's zucchinis, sauteed it with olive oil and Vidalia onion. Then I threw in some Japanese green beans from Karen's garden. The green beans were incredibly long -- almost two feet! Take a look at them next to the zucchini:

I topped the "hash" with feta from Wateroak Farms and some oregano from Karen's garden. The green beans were the highlight. They turned out rather sweet and complemented the sweet onion and cheese. The zucchini unfortunately soaked up too much oil, so I've learned my lesson for next time (if there is a next time for this dish...) Here's a closing shot:

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